Sprout came to us with a vision of refreshing the network and inserting more story-telling into their brand. Our solution was to tie in live-action scenes of families and kids with a vibrant and colorful graphics package that takes objects and textures from their every day lives.
Promo Toolkit
Each show falls under a category of action, adventure, sci-fi or nature. The promo toolkit contains textures related to the categories and has assigned colors.
Top Graphic
Logo Sting
Next On
Bumpers were categorized by morning, evening   and night. Each bumper takes objects from the corresponding live-action scene to build its own illustrated story.
Kindness IDs
Each Network ID has a lesson with one of their four principles.
1. Be Kind to Others
2. Be Kind to the Environment
3. Be Kind to Animals
4. Be Kind to Yourself
In collaboration with Oishii Creative (oishiicreative.com)
Role: Designer
Creative Director: Ish Obregon
Editor: Nicholas Nykamp
Animator: Evan Larimore

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